Congratulations! You’ve developed your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and now you’re ready to share it with candidates. The research is complete, creative has been developed, and your messaging is on point. But wait – there’s an important step you can’t forget: your recruiters! How your recruiters understand and communicate your EVP is a very important part of the candidate journey.

So, how do we get them to do that effectively? We recommend four key tools to include in a stellar recruiter toolkit:

EVP Guide.
Thoroughly educating your recruiters on the EVP (and Employer Brand) gives them an understanding of its strategic nature and purpose. It also provides context for why and how the EVP works to attract like-minded talent. This strategic document helps recruiters feel prepared when communicating with candidates, and it can help them look for qualities in candidates that align with your organization’s unique culture.

Message Points.
Recruiter “message points” are built into the Message Architecture and can provide recruiters with key information to include in discussions with candidates. By utilizing the Message Architecture as a guide, recruiters know their messages are consistent and aligned with the EVP. They can use these points as a ‘buffet’ of sorts, choosing just what they need and customizing their tactics for a specific candidate audience.

Email Template and Personalized Email Signature.
To reinforce the brand visually, we also recommend equipping recruiters with a branded email template and personalized email signature. This helps ensure that every communication with candidates is one that’s visually aligned with your organization’s language.

LinkedIn Branded Profile.
Today, it is not uncommon for candidates to reach out to recruiters directly on LinkedIn and connect with them during the interview process. By branding recruiters’ profiles and bios to reinforce the EVP, you help demonstrate to candidates how they might similarly see themselves fitting into your organization. Custom content can also be created for recruiters’ target talent pools.

There you have it. With these tools, your recruiters are well on their way to being EVP brand ambassadors, ready to recruit like-minded talent!

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