Every year you’re inundated with “Top Trends of 20-whatever” lists to prepare you for the year ahead. While I agree with a lot of those lists, I really think there needs to be a “Trends You Can No Longer Ignore” list – things you simply must address in order to remain current and competitive. As we move into the New Year there are a few trends that are clearly not going away. I want to share with you the 4 things that should be top-of-mind (in my humble creative opinion) as you look to plan for 2015.

Make sure your mobile campaign is up to snuff.

You would have to be living under a rock to not notice that mobile is on the upswing. Tablets and smartphones are now the prime source for content consumption. It is not just important to have a responsive site, but your UX (user experience) should also be sound cross-device.

Video capture as much as you can.

When people want to learn about a workplace, a mission statement is great, but a video is better. Nothing can show off your culture better (and quicker!) than video. You may not think your office is very exciting, but there are little nuggets in the day-to-day that candidates want to see. It doesn’t need to take a ton of money, there are many things you can do on any budget. With a little planning, you can capture some key moments that will showcase your corporate culture effectively.

Become more social.

If you have a social presence, nurture it. It is a living, breathing representative of your brand and culture. If you have not yet “joined the conversation” it is time! Start today. (In fact, don’t keep reading, go do it now! Just kidding, but really.)

Create an experience.

Not only does experiential marketing generate brand recognition, but also it can serve as a tool for employee engagement. Additionally, you can plan an experience based on almost any budget. Small dollars can still create a big impact if executed properly. And there is no better way to start capturing video to be showcased on your social and mobile campaigns. (See how I brought it all full circle?)


Enjoy your 2015!

Kelly is the Marketing Director at INSIDE with responsibility for marketing programs and brand management. In addition to being the voice of our company, she is a mother of two and a certified barbecue judge.