Everyone in the recruiting process has a job to do. Many jobs. That includes your job posting! At its best, your job posting is a teammate, a bold and energetic representative of the job you’re trying to fill and the organization and culture it fits into. If the posting represents the opportunity in a clear, attractive and easy-to-find way, it has a better chance of succeeding and making you, your customers and your company more successful, too. We’ll go over job posting best practices and make sure you come away with the means to write an effective job posting.

This webinar will help you make sure your job posting does all the jobs it has to do:

  • Get itself found by the people you need to find it
  • Explain the job and sell the job in clear and honest terms
  • Make clear the culture in which this job lives
  • Guide your prospect on to the next step so other teammates can take over

To do this, we’ll touch on copywriting, search engines, structure, layout and how to read the minds of job seekers. Upon completion, you’ll have a better understanding of how copy, SEO and layout impact the reader, and how to serve that reader best to get the response you want.

Click here to view a recording of our webinar.


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