While we at JWT INSIDE are clearly passionate about our work – helping the world’s best companies attract the world’s brightest talent – we recognize that reading HR industry publications can sometimes be a chore. Just finding the most useful articles, publications and writers to follow can be difficult, especially in a landscape where bite-sized information and distracting Buzzfeed articles are in high supply. That’s why we’ve curated our favorite HR reads and publications, so you can stay on top of the HR world and not waste another minute slogging through it.

For research-based articles:

TLNT is to human resources what ERE is to recruitment. Both have the research-backed information that you’re looking for, posting easy-to-read articles and links to other top publications. TLNT also has features like a daily blog, e-newsletter and popular webinars. Read here for a great example of a well-researched, easily digestible, and interesting piece on Generation Z in the workplace.

If you want to read the publication that your boss reads, this publication is geared towards the VPs and Directors of HR. With success-driven narratives that build like case studies, HRE is a great source of inspiration for your next project. This article on employee engagement is one of our favorites.

For easy reads:

Evil HR Lady
This blog from former HR exec and current Inc. magazine freelance writer, Suzanne Lucas, is filled with thought provoking topics in bite-sized formats, including links to other articles if you want to read more and a space for you to comment or dialogue on each post. This blog has a more basic layout than some, but features both a search option and a “Surprise Me” button for the adventurous reader. Read here for Suzanne’s take on how, exactly, office gossip is bad for your business.

The Tim Sackett Project
This blog is written by a leading HR professional, Tim Sackett, who loves to talk about HR trends and technology. Sackett has the ability to write anecdotal and fun blogs while throwing in years of experience as a leader in HR. If you are looking for someone to follow along with each week, this is your guy. Check out his weekly dose of tech insights here.

For the latest trends:

TalentCulture is a resource created for a trendy audience that loves collaboration and online support, complemented by a weekly podcast series and corresponding Twitter chat called #WorkTrends. For anyone seeking a modern take on HR publications, this is one of our favorite options. Listen to the podcast here.

SHRM is known as the world’s largest society for human resources professionals. With so many conferences around the world each year, the SHRM blog is a great place to stay updated on all of the HR events you may or may not have time to attend. Follow #SHRM18 on the blog and read up on the latest trends in the industry, such as mental health care in the workplace. Read another one of our favorites here.

Undercover Recruiter
If you love to scroll through stories and trending topics, this is the blog for you. The Undercover Recruiter has a similar layout to Buzzfeed, with a major trending story at the top of the landing page and other trending stories beneath it. With sections for employers, recruiters and candidates, alike, you can find stories from every point of view. Click here to read an awesome Q&A with top HR professionals.

No matter how you like to stay up to date with the latest in human resources, the most important thing is that you are refreshing your knowledge and skills constantly. From quirky blogs to well-researched articles from industry leaders, we like to think this roundup can get you on your way to becoming an HR pro. And when you’re ready to discuss the difference JWT INSIDE can help you make in attracting and retaining the best and brightest for your company, we’d love to speak to you! Email us at conversations@jwt.com.

Sam Smith is an Associate Account Executive at JWT INSIDE in Atlanta. As a recent graduate from Georgia College, she has been learning the ins and outs of recruitment advertising, and enjoys the fast-paced and ever-changing world of communications. With experience in public relations, hospitality marketing and account management, she likes to look ahead and focus on the goals of each advertisement.