Each year, The J. Walter Thompson Intelligence team brings together the brightest minds and analytic technologies to chronicle the top trends shaping the future of culture, tech, travel, branding, food, beauty, retail, luxury, health and lifestyle. From ‘Xennial camping’ to ‘DNA dinners’ and the ‘Supersonic travel revival’ that might speedily connect the two, the 2019 FUTURE 100 List is both a scintillating read and an incredibly useful roadmap for you (and your company’s) future.

Get original analysis and insight on the most dynamic trends driving informed and engaged consumers this year. You’ll see why these changes are happening and what it means for brands who want to stay on the cutting edge.

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Kelly is the Marketing Director at INSIDE with responsibility for marketing programs and brand management. In addition to being the voice of our company, she is a mother of two and a certified barbecue judge.