You may have an ERP program in place. You also may have a media strategy that kills. But at the end of the day, you have recs you need to fill, AND you have to figure out a way to incorporate brand awareness into your media strategy. Depending on what your company needs to achieve, you may be allocating 25 – 30% toward your awareness campaign. With that low a percentage, funds can go quickly, and you can find yourself simply checking a box without making a real impact.

Have no fear—this marketing girl is here to kick your awareness campaign into overdrive! Check out these three, easy-to-implement ideas that are sure to get great, long-term results…and won’t break the bank.

1) Empower Employee Storytellers
You’ll find no better advocates for your company than those that already work there. If you want to reach like-minded people, give employees the tools they need to be heard. There are lots of platforms out there that enable you to turn your content into a broadcast piece: Dynamic Signal, Yammer and Amplify, to name a few. Simply get your teams to sign up, send out content and watch as your employees broadcast away! Utilize the gamification aspects or establish a reward system for more fun and more impact.

2) Socialize Your C-Suite
Are your senior level employees engaged with your brand? If not, they need to be! Posts from leadership have more authority and resonate better with potential and existing employees. But the reality is, not all leaders are in the social game—maybe it’s a bandwidth issue or a lack of basic training. Set your leaders up with short 20- to 30-minute training sessions; show them how to share branded content; and then report back with results so they can see the impact. It is also a good idea to set up custom, branded headers on executives’ Twitter and LinkedIn pages for added impact.

3) Find Your Influencer
I guarantee you have an influencer in your midst waiting to be found. Someone that is already active on social media but also has a good handle on your employer brand. And of course, they have that certain je ne sais quoi that makes the camera love them. Identifying your influencer(s) is critical. (Maybe have a contest?) Once you’ve assembled your dream team, start scripting small awareness pieces to send out. As familiarity and trust grow, the campaign will only get stronger.

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Kelly is the Marketing Director at INSIDE with responsibility for marketing programs and brand management. In addition to being the voice of our company, she is a mother of two and a certified barbecue judge.