We live in a time of hype, hyperbole and hufflepuff (I couldn’t think of another ‘h’ word, and we all know things work better in threes!) There’s nothing worse than being let down – much like my use of the word hufflepuff. So, aligning glossy sales pitch of talent acquisition with your onboarding is a huge area of opportunity!

For years, these two sides of the house kept separate budgets and priorities. There’s a real consequence here. A 2017 Gallup poll reports that 85% of all employees are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work. Though more of a correlation than causation, the point of hand-off between active candidate and employee – or day 0 as we call it here at INSIDE – is the first moment to give employees that same glowing feeling as when they interviewed.

Came across the 2018 Guide for Behavioral Economics last week, there was some interesting tidbits that help demonstrate the dissonance between expectations and reality.

“… our immediate impressions are built by the things that are most mentally available to us. Therefore, our perception of a brand is informed by the mental associations that are most available in our brain …”

That means, it really doesn’t matter if there’s all the great (or bad) information out there – if it runs contrary to your personal held views, people tend to go with what they know – even if it’s wrong (The New Yorker). However, when people personally experience this difference (like with an outstanding onboarding), that’s when people begin to have incontrovertible attitude changes. So, just think about if companies were able to leverage the excitement and enthusiasm of that final interview.

We’ve all been there. We finally got the call, and we’re moving on up in the world – or at least laterally. Harnessing that excitement, your first-day employees will feel energized during onboarding, prepared for their role. More importantly, ready to contribute to your team from day 1.

Casey Aitken takes words seriously as a Creative Director for JWT INSIDE. Brand development, content strategy, scriptwriting and social media, if you need words, he’s got them. In his free time, he enjoys talking about himself in the third person and camping.