We believe the world’s best brands are built from the Inside Out. How? By leveraging their most valuable asset: it’s people.

Attracting those fit to drive your business forward. Those who are inspired by, and who inspire, the culture of your company and who thrive within the reality of your four walls.

We work to align your workforce with your mission. We create advocates. Unleash ambassadors and create a human channel where your brand story comes to life.

Through data-driven, insight-lead, strategy and creativity, we develop Employer Brands, Recruitment Marketing, and Internal Communications necessary to develop the strongest workforce.

We’d love to hear from you. Reach out to conversations@wtemploy.com to see how to recruit and retain a new generation of satisfied employees.

Wunderman Thompson Employ is a full-service recruitment advertising agency and employer branding consulting firm, creating pioneering ideas in strategic recruitment, human resource development and management, and more.