The new year always means new opportunities to get organized, start fresh and try new things. And since we’re all back in the office on January 2nd (sigh), where better to start than in the workplace? We at JWT INSIDE have assembled 9 recruitment resolutions to jump start the new year for your organization!

1. Tidy-Up Those Job Descriptions
Job descriptions are the first impression candidates get of your positions. The wording should be easy to read, and expectations should be clearly stated. Check out our blog on “Writing Smart Job Descriptions” for more tips on perfecting your process.

2. Step Up Your Social Channels
Tools like Canva are great for creating simple social media graphics and social branding. If you want your social pages to look just as good as your website, be sure to use clear images, answer any comments / questions, and engage your followers. Just ask yourself: Would I follow this account?

3. Strive for More Diversity
Utilize diversity and inclusion sites like Diversity Jobs in your process. Organizations like Black Nurses Association and Women in Development are also great resources for niche positions. Quick tip: a lot of these organizations have email lists that you can target by location.

4. Simplify the Application Process
Candidates are more likely to apply if they don’t have to create a login and answer unnecessary questions in applications. Try to personalize questions and think about what you really need from a candidate. Taking out extra steps can increase your candidate pool. Job boards like Linkedin also have great resources like EasyApply that candidates love.

5. Build Up Your Team
Encouragement can go a long way in a professional setting. Chances are, your team receives constructive criticism on a weekly basis, so be sure to build them up in their strong areas as well so they’ll act as ambassadors of your workplace. Carve out time to email your team a word of encouragement, or even supply an employee feedback survey to better understand your internal needs.

6. Subscribe to and Read an Industry Publication
Staying sharp on industry trends is always important to ensure that you are staying ahead of the game in recruiting. You can even set google alerts for industry news so you’re in tune with your competitions’ tactics.

7. Connect with Prospective Employees Emotionally and Intellectually
Personalized communication is important in any relationship, and tailoring your responses based on who you’re talking to can create a stronger bond between the candidate and your company. Thinking about what benefits would appeal to your audience can also effect the candidate’s decision to accept a job. For example, Millenials may prioritize a work-life balance with good vacation time, while Baby Boomers might favor a more comprehensive retirement plan.

8. Organize Your Inbox
Taking the time to organize may be at the bottom of your to-do list, but it can have major impact on your day-to-day tasks and overall attitude towards work. Unsubscribe to junk emails and organize the non-junk ones into folders that make sense to you. If you are ready for an email overhaul, check out this article for a new way to organize and make your life easier.

9. Take a Free Course
What better time to brush up on skills (or even learn some new ones) than the new year? Sites like General Assembly can help you grow in your personal career; bonus points if you share with your teammates and schedule time to talk through what you learned.

Whatever your goals for the new year, we hope this list will help you get started. Do you have any other new year resolutions? Let us know in the comments!

Sam Smith is an Associate Account Executive at JWT INSIDE in Atlanta. As a recent graduate from Georgia College, she has been learning the ins and outs of recruitment advertising, and enjoys the fast-paced and ever-changing world of communications. With experience in public relations, hospitality marketing and account management, she likes to look ahead and focus on the goals of each advertisement.