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If you have any social recruitment strategy in place, then keeping your LinkedIn company page looking fresh is certain to be a priority. LinkedIn has recently announced that it has updated the sizing of company page logos, and will be using these new assets in an upcoming redesign. Company page admins are now encouraged to update their company logos.


On top of a considerable change in logo size, LinkedIn will no longer be supporting two different logo types. This means it will be important to adjust your logo to a high resolution square format. The previous standard size of a LinkedIn logo was 50 x 50 pixels, while the new standard display will be 60 x 60 pixels. Any group that does not have a higher resolution logo in place by the time the update launches will have a white padded border display around their logo.

It is also important to note that the new maximum resolution and size of the logo will be 4 MB and 400 x 400 pixels, up from a maximum of 2 MB. We highly recommend uploading a logo as close to the maximum pixel size allowed, because the size of the logo display will vary on different devices, and this will ensure that it looks crisp no matter how candidates approach your company page.

You can read more about the logo changes at LinkedIn’s Help Center.

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