Bersin by Deloitte, the HR research powerhouse, just released a case study titled Igniting People Practices: How T-Mobile Revolutionized Talent Management by Modeling Services on Its Un-Carrier Business Strategy.

A revealing and inspiring study, it describes how T-Mobile boldly transformed its human resource management, leadership development and diversity practices to align with the company’s Un-carrier business strategy.

T-Mobile launched its Un-carrier campaign in 2013, a year after John Legere took over as CEO. Legere is the magenta-wearing, swagger-carrying, tell-it-like-it-is leader, speaker and tweeter. He’s also known as the guy who made good on his promise to shake things up in the wireless industry. He took T-Mobile from the #4 to #3 wireless carrier, making it the nation’s fastest growing wireless company.

When T-Mobile began their transformation, they made a proclamation to both internal and external audiences: “We’re still a wireless company. We’re just not going to act like one anymore.”

With T-Mobile challenging conventional thinking and breaking free from traditional practices, the HR team set out to do the same. Leadership in HR knew that to help the company execute its business strategy, the department had to be part of the change. Help drive it. HR’s transformation was known internally as “Ignite.” It began with four initiatives: ReCharge, AMP (Accelerating My Performance), Re-Think Talent and Employee Voice.

T-Mobile and INSIDE Re-Think Talent Together

JWT INSIDE partnered with T-Mobile on key projects that were part of their “Re-Think Talent” initiative, which was all about making things easier for employees and managers. The same way Un-carrier was about simplifying things for customers.

Our first challenge was creating a realistic description of T-Mobile’s job application process. We created an infographic that gave a simplified look at what to expect when you’re applying for a job. The infographic is displayed prominently, in bright magenta, on T-Mobile’s career site.

By the way, if you’re wondering about this magenta thing, it’s kind of a big deal at T-Mobile. Yes, it’s the brand color. But more than that, magenta represents the spirit of the company. The energy and passion for doing things differently.

Total Transparency: What It’s Like to Work at T-Mobile

T-Mobile kept INSIDE’s video crew rolling in 2015. Our team produced a video called “What to expect when you’re applying for a job.” We also made a series of short videos focused on specific jobs. These “realistic job preview” videos were designed to give candidates exactly what the title suggests.

If you happen to follow CEO John Legere on Twitter, Instagram or Periscope, you know that he’s all about transparency. What you see is what you get. So when it came to video production, transparency trumped cinematography. T-Mobile mandated the use of mobile devices for shooting photos and videos. This created some challenges, but resulted in more authentic, more Un-carrier-like videos.

We’re proud of our partnership with T-Mobile and excited to share the Bersin T-Mobile study. To sign up for a Bersin by Deloitte membership, simply go to

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