With 2017 around the corner, there’s no doubt you’re planning new goals and preparing your recruitment and retention strategies for the coming year. You know you need to fit networking, human resource development, trend-spotting and implementing cutting-edge practices onto your to-do list, and what better way to cover all of that than to plan on attending one of the many informative HR Conferences across the country?

But which one? There’s a looming list of HR conferences to attend spread across the year and the map, and all of them promise to leave you with important lessons. We’ve saved you a little trouble in deciding by putting together this list of the 10 best HR conferences to attend in 2017.

Thinking of presenting? We‘ll help you get ready.

If you’ve decided to take it a step further by presenting or exhibiting at a an HR conference next year but you aren’t sure where to begin, J. Walter Thompson INSIDE is ready to help you understand, live and share your work culture with the world.

Our Top 10 List

1. Social Recruiting Strategies Conference – The world of social media recruitment is growing and changing at lightning speed, and this HR conference has spent the last 5 years growing to keep up. Workshops, case studies, and demonstrations of the latest social media recruitment technology are among this conference’s offerings. Jan 25-27, San Francisco, CA

2. People Analytics & Future of Work – This will be the tenth year that the country’s top analysts have been coming to this HR conference, and attendees are reporting how impressed they are with the program. It’s led by industry experts, and a vast network of the leading HR professionals will be there. Feb 2-3, San Francisco, CA

3. Workforce Planning & People Analytics Conference – Run by the Human Capital Institute, this HR conference focuses specifically on helping HR professionals take the guess-work out of planning their strategic human resource management. The workshops, case studies, and experts speaking are all designed to help you form a human resource strategy. March 7-9, Miami, FL

4. i4cp Conference – Considered to be a must-go conference to all forward-thinking HR pioneers, this conference doesn’t just focus on best practices, but shines a light on the coming trends in the human resource industry. The takeaways from this conference help industry leaders stay ahead of the curve. March 20-23, Scottsdale, AZ

5. Indeed Interactive – If you’re looking for a weekend packed full of data-driven presentations and a guest list that represents the biggest companies in the market, then you’ll be right at home at Indeed Interactive. Here, experts discuss digital trends in job seekers’ behavior, solutions for the most pressing hiring challenges and the latest in online recruitment technology. May 15-17, Austin, TX

6. ATD International Conference – With over 10,000 attendees and over 300 sessions planned over four days, you’re sure to get the broadest overview of all the various topics floating around the HR industry, provided by the most renowned leaders. Attendees walk away with a ton of learning to apply to their company’s human resource development and management. May 21-24, Atlanta, GA

7. SHRM 2017 Annual Conference & Exposition – If you’re going to talk about HR conferences you can’t leave out the biggest one of them all. By sheer force of numbers, it’s guaranteed that every HR professional can find the most up-to-date and relevant take-aways for their specific industry. June 18-21, New Orleans, LA

8. LinkedIn Talent Connect – Though a 2017 date has not yet been released, the success of the previous eight HR conferences make it almost certain that a date will be announced soon for the coming year. Not to mention, LinkedIn has provided videos of all the headline speakers from the conference for you to check out now. If networking with the biggest names in the talent industry is on your priority list, then keep your ears peeled for news of next year’s conference. October, details pending.

9. The HR Southwest Conference – Having just celebrated their 75th year running, HRSouthwest is one of the longest-standing HR conferences in the industry. Last year, the conference had over 2,000 HR professionals join in sharing leading-edge practices. While in attendance, you also have the opportunity to earn SHRM and HRCI certifications. October, details pending.

10. HR Technology Conference & Expo – Everyone in the business knows that technology is moving fast, and to stay of ahead of the curve you need to know what’s up and coming. There’s no better place than the HR Tech Conference to get this kind of exposure. Software, Hardware, and Cloud technologies are all represented in the vast exhibitors floor. Add to that a robust panel of speakers and you’ll have a weekend packed full of trend-watching to do. October 10-13, Las Vegas, NV

Want to share your favorite HR conferences? Comment below! If you’ve got questions, we’re happy to help you find the answers. Reach out to us at conversations@jwtinside.com.

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