We are hearing more and more discussion about how a happy workforce is a productive one. This is not a concept but rather a hard fact that is backed up by more and more statistics. Last year’s winners in Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For actually showed revenue increases averaging 22%. The dollar signs don’t lie.

We understand now more than ever that a company’s culture is what ultimately drives its success. The best way to give a voice to that culture: your company’s careers website.

Careers Websites: A Culture on Display

The days of a little Careers button on your consumer site are a thing of the past. To truly get a feel for a workplace, candidates should be able to interact with the culture of a company. What is the organization’s business strategy? What are the career paths? What types of programs are offered? And most importantly, what is the personality of the organization?

Careers sites need to address these questions, and the answers should lie in a more robust website that tells the story of a company. This internal story is just as important as the consumer-facing websites, and companies are beginning to invest accordingly.

The more candidates understand the inner workings of a company, the better they can determine if they are the “right fit.” And let’s be honest, if a company wants the best-of-the-best or the right-fit candidates, shouldn’t a company take the time to define what that actually means?

It’s More Than a Site, It’s Social

In 2008, Glassdoor gave employees and former employees a platform to anonymously review companies and their management. Now, Glassdoor is joining LinkedIn and Indeed as a popular place for job-seekers. My point is this: people are looking to get an honest insight into a company and will search to find it.

The more employees are able to engage with your brand (and your careers site), the more they will share it on social media for potential candidates to react to it. Careers sites will become natural places for employees to push out content about their companies on social channels. We spend most of our time at work, and we should share it like we do all other aspects of our lives on social media.

Photos and videos of work life showcase what a job description never can capture. And that is invaluable.

A Bigger, Better Brand

With technology today, your employees are just as instrumental in telling your brands story as an ad campaign. When you look at companies like Amazon that have 110,000 employees, there is an almost infinite resource for telling their culture’s story and that impact is huge on both potential customers and potential employees.

That is why it is so important that careers sites are invested in and created with the same thought and care as a consumer site. And, despite the fact that they serve two completely different purposes, they should be creatively intertwined to ensure the overall creative integration of your brand.

Kelly is the Marketing Director at INSIDE with responsibility for marketing programs and brand management. In addition to being the voice of our company, she is a mother of two and a certified barbecue judge.